Smart Technology Consulting has partnered with Norton
to provide quality, integrated end user solutions.

Protect your household

Let’s you protect up to 5 of your family’s devices - any combination of PCs, Macs or Android smartphones and tablets.

Protects your PC, Mac, desktop or laptop from viruses, spyware and other threats, plus safeguards your smartphone or tablet from loss or theft.

Manage your security with ease

Let’s you manage your entire household’s security from a single place. Add new devices; remove old ones, change software, transfer coverage from one device to the next and even pay for your membership, all from one easy-to-use dashboard.

Eliminates the hassle of tracking separate security solutions.

Get dedicated members-only support

Gives you 24x7x365 priority access to Norton One support experts with an estimated two-minute wait time or less.

Offers you the option of leaving your number and having the next available Norton One expert call you back at your convenience.

Get the best of Norton

Let’s you protect your family’s devices with your choice of our advanced protection solutions: Norton Internet Security or Norton 360 for PC, Norton Internet Security for Mac or Norton Mobile Security for Android.

Offers automatic backup and 25 GB of secured online storage to safeguard your photos, videos, music, financial documents and other important Stuff.

Say goodbye to viruses

Includes our unlimited virus removal service during your membership - in the unlikely event your computer becomes infected, a Norton One expert will remove any detected viruses and get you back up and running smoothly.

Compare by Category
Protection against online threats, suspicious emails and viruses yes yes yes yes
Remove threats from files yes yes yes yes
Block worms and viruses yes yes yes yes
Stop spyware yes yes yes yes
Protect your PC against hijacking yes yes yes yes
Protection against infected files, software and unauthorized access to the Internet yes yes yes yes
Remove threats from files you download yes yes yes yes
Block suspicious programs yes yes
Block spyware from connecting to the Internet yes yes
Protection of personal information online whilst shopping or banking yes yes
Safeguard against identity theft yes yes
Identify and block phishing sites yes yes
Validate websites making sure they are safe yes yes
Connect to public networks securely yes yes
Block hackers from breaking into your computer yes yes
Block unknown threats from infecting your PC yes yes
PC tune-up and performance optimization yes yes
Detect and fix system performance problems yes yes
Purge Internet clutter and temporary files yes yes
Data backup and restore yes
Backup important files and folders yes
Restore deleted or damaged files and folders yes

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