Cyber Security

Are we safe as Small Businesses from Cyber Attacks?

Are we so small that we think, "Who would want to attack us?"

But we are just a small Mom and Pop company that works here in town, what could happen to us?

Whether you are a home business, small business, or a large business we all have to protect what belongs to us as a business. We don’t leave our doors open when we leave, we don’t let just anyone come into our homes and business if there is no one to protect what is there. It is common sense that we lock and secure our home and business when we leave.

Now think of your hard drive as your business and the data that is on your hard drive is something that belongs to you. The business data has a dollar value that will exceed the cost of the hard drive. We can easily replace the hard drive but it is very hard to replace data that has been gathered by management, marketing, sales manufacturing, and human resources.

What would we do if that data was missing or corrupt? The ramifications are endless. Most of us in Home Office and Small Business think that we do not have the resources like the big companies.

If you are a local Mom and Pop shop, a Law Practice, a Dr. Office, a Contractor Etc., we all know that the loss of our data could put us out of business or cause a major setback for our business entity.

We can back up our systems, files, images, data, and programs. We can put security protocol’s in place that will determine who can see and access that intellectual material. Data can be encrypted. A firewall can be put in place; a reverse firewall can be put in place to protect intellectual and company data inside the company.

Let Smart Technology Consulting help define you security solutions and put your mind to rest.



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